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OLTL: Brody & Jessica (03-24-09)

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  • Description: Brody stops by to see Jessica. He tells her that he's not a match for Shane.

    Brody tells Jessica that he doesn't know if he could take losing Shane. Jessica reassures him that he'll be able to get through anything.

    Jessica tells Brody that she'll go with him to the hospital, and while he goes to see Shane, she'll visit Blaire and Matthew.

    Brody runs into Rex at the hospital, he tells him that he's not a match for Shane.

    Jessica runs into Starr. Starr tells her that Blair woke up.

    Natalie and Jared try to figure out how to tell Jessica that her baby died and Starr that Chloe is really baby Hope when Jessica, Starr, and Chloe come in and surprise them.

    Preview to the next episode is included: Natalie tells Jessica that her baby died.
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