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One Moment In Time (Cover)

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  • Description: Unfortunately we have lost one of the greatest and most renowned artists of all time... This is dedicated to the one and only Whitney Houston.. Although I'm not the best at singing, I do find this song very appropriate for her life that she found that one thing she was great at and she built her career and lived her life around that.. I only wished to one day meet her in person, but I may now be able to meet her one day in paradise, until then I will strive for the better and find my passion to one day, truly "LIVE"...

    Rest In Paradise...
    Whitney Houston
    August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012

    "One Moment In Time"...
    Original: Whitney Houston
    Cover/Rendition: Geoffrey Tedios

    I enjoyed singing this song, and I enjoy listening to the original.. Sorry if I made mistakes, but I just wanted to do this.. Hate it, love it, but just enjoy it.. Share it, like it, & support, please.

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