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Operation Books For Jeremy

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  • Description: Jeremy Hammond is a self-described "communist anarchist" and a "hacktivist" who sought to promote causes but never for profit., describes Hammond as "one of the few true electronic Robin Hoods." Jeremy is accused of using his computer savvy to attack conservative groups and State operators and is being charged with providing Wikileaks the documents for their latest Stratfor release. He is currently being held at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York and has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. His next court date is July 23.

    The whole goal of this operation is to earn money to buy him some books while he awaits the verdict of his trial which could take some time. It's important to understand that there are already fund raisers for Jeremy's defense fund but in some of his letters Jeremy has specifically expressed his frustration with the kinds of materials that people are sending him and he wants something real to read. Jeremy has very few comforts where he is being held. It would mean the world to him if we could send some books for him to read. In accordance with Metropolitan Correctional Center policy, any books sent to Jeremy must be mailed directly from the publisher or retailer. In support of Jeremy, we have had a car decal made of a POW/MIA image created to show solidarity with anons being prosecuted. If you would like to show your support please consider purchasing these items. All proceeds will go towards buying books for Jeremy. If you can not support this project financially please share this information with others.

    At the time of writing this there are a few of us Anons who have decided not to forget one of our fallen comrades, who have used our art combined with the generosity of vendors willing to donate there resources to help with this cause. Jeremy needs support. We are anonymous. He is anonymous. We are legion. We do not forget. Jeremy will not be forgotten. It's time we do something to show our support for him. Even if it's as simple as buying a book. If you are willing to donate your time, art or you have a company that would like to help in anyway please contact us at or and your response will be answered in a timely manner. Any help is appreciated and I am sure it will give Jeremy some hope and a means of strength to continue fighting.
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