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Orbs, some with faces at Ghost Lake , NJ 9/11/10

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  • Description: Visitors have reported to Weird NJ that, no matter what time of night they visit the lake at, the sky above it always seems as bright as if it were still twilight. Several have reported what they believe to be actual ghosts in the area, especially in a deserted old cabin across the lake from the road, supposedly victims of the murders once believed to have given the road its name.
    [edit] The Fairy Hole

    To the right of Ghost lake, there is a small cave, once used by Lenape Indians. Though the cave is now easily accessible, and also covered in graffiti, archaeologists who surveyed the area in 1918 found pottery shards, flint, and broken arrow heads. From their findings, the archaeologists concluded that "The Fairy Hole" was not often visited. It may have been used as a simple resting point for traveling or hunting Lenape, but with its close proximity to several known burial sites, it is possible this was a sacred or religiously important site. This survey was conducted before the creation of Ghost Lake.
    .............Sites of reputed paranormal activity.........Lenape Lane

    Lenape Lane is an unpaved one-lane dead-end street about three-quarter mile (1.1 km) in length running eastward off Shades just north of I-80. It ends at a farmhouse for which it is little more than a driveway, but halfway down there is space to park or turn around next to a wooden structure described as looking like an abandoned stable.[4]

    Visitors to this stable site at night have reported extremely local fogs surrounding it and seeing apparitions in it, or sometimes even in clear weather.[4] They have also claimed the air is sometimes unusually chilly, and feeling general unease in the area for no immediately apparent reason.

    Legend also has it that sometimes nocturnal visitors to Lenape see an orb of white light appear near the end of the road which chases vehicles back out to Shades Of Death. If it turns red in the process, those who see it will die.

    This may be due to an old tree near the end of Lenape that was never cut down when the road was built. As a result, the road forks right before the tree, and a big red reflector has been nailed to the tree to warn drivers. Legend says that if one circles around the tree and drives down the road again at midnight, a red light will shine and the driver will never survive. This light has been seen by many people.
    [edit] Others

    There are some legends concerning a Native American spirit guide who supposedly takes the shape of a deer and appears at various points along the road at night. If drivers see him and do not slow down sufficiently enough to avoid a collision, they will soon get into a serious accident with a deer.[5]

    Another legend tells of a bridge where, if drivers stop past midnight with their high beams on and honk their horns three times, they will see the ghosts of two young children who were run over while playing in the road.[5]
    [edit] The mysterious Polaroids

    One day during the 1990s, some visitors found hundreds of Polaroid photographs scattered in woods just off the road. They took some and shared them with Weird NJ, which published a few as samples.[6]

    Most of the disturbing images showed a television changing channels, others showed a woman or women, blurred and somewhat difficult to identify, lying on some sort of metal object, conscious but not smiling.[6]

    Local police began an investigation after the magazine ran an item with the photos, but the remainder disappeared shortly afterwards.[6]
    [edit] "Camp Spirit Lake"

    In 2000, the first season of MTV's reality show Fear, in which contestants were taken to places with allegedly unsavory, often reportedly haunted pasts and given missions to perform, included an episode set at a location called "Camp Spirit Lake", a onetime summer camp allegedly located on Shades Of Death Road, where several gruesome murders had taken place in the past, one supposedly inspiring the first film in the Friday the 13th series[7].

    However, while much of what was claimed about that location had parallels in the folklore and history of the area, none of what was claimed on the program as historical fact was true. The editors of Weird NJ devoted a web page to pointing out the inaccuracies in the program[8], chief among them that there is not and never has been a camp of any kind on Ghost Lake, Shades of Death does not run through Panther Valley (although it is not far away) and that Camp NoBeBoSco, the Boy Scout camp where the show was actually filmed (as well as Friday the 13th), is several miles away in Hardwick Township, outside Blairstown Township.
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