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Our Immortal Love || LokiXRuby || Request

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  • Description: Requested by DoppelgangerRuby
    Basically, Ruby and Loki were childhood sweethearts when one day Ruby up and disappears. Loki still cries over his loss of Ruby when suddenly she returns. She cannot tell him where or why she left him and his gets mad and leaves her. All his barely contained emotions come out and Ruby watches silently as he cries. Ruby finally comes over and consoles him and he lets her back into his life. All of a sudden, a rouge frost giant comes and tries to kill Ruby but Loki saves her. Mad at what his rivals had done, Loki leaves stubborn Ruby behind and goes to war with the Frost Giants, unknowing that Ruby has followed him. Loki finally notices Ruby just as she is about to be killed and saves her again, putting him right in the path of a raging frost giant. Loki is pushed over the edge of the cliff and Ruby runs to try and save him. Loki, knowing his fate gives her one last smile as he falls to earth and stays there for the rest of his life.
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