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  • Description: If you guys had already watched the first Oxygen Sensor video I had posted, you may already know that there is 2 oxygen sensors. After the replacement of the Rear sensor, the check engine turned on again. I have a feeling that it is the Catalytic Converter, yet, I want to be sure. Therefore, here I am replacing the Front Oxygen Sensor.
    Update! 3/22:
    -------------------------------3 MAJOR Summer Projects!:--------------------------

    A Tune Up + Catalytic Converter Clean-Up + A Head Gasket Job
    ------ From my research, "no" 00-05 Subaru Outback, Legacy or Frontier can "escape" from a Head Gasket or a Catalytic Converter issue.

    So, please stay updated and SUBSCRIBE!
    2001 Subaru Outback Front/Up stream Oxygen Sensor.
    This is a video on how to replace the Front/ Up Stream O2 sensor. If you are looking for how to fix the Rear/Down Stream click here:
    Tip1: To know when a sensor have to be replaced is very hard and the only way to know is when the check engine flashes on. However, if you are one of those people that do not want to prevent the check engine to turn on, I would recommend you to do a maintenance check or tune up. **(I will be up loading a video soon on "How To Tune Up a 2001 Subaru" most likely in the summer of 2012.)**
    Tip2: Also, remember to come back soon because I will be uploading a video on "How To Check if Your Oxygen Sensor has gone Bad."
    Tip3:There could be a chance that after you replace both Oxygen Sensors and the check engine light flashes again. At this point we can say that the Catalytic Converter has gone bad. A Catalytic Converter part will cost $$$.$$-$,$$$.$$+ but simple to replace. If this happens to me I will upload a new video on "How To fix a Catalytic Converter." (BUT, lets cross our fingers that I do not need to.) :)
    --------For a Subaru, the reason why my Catalytic Converter would need to be change is due to coolant leakage. When coolant leaks into the exhaust system it ends up in the catalytic converter. When there is coolant in the converter, carbon deposit will built up and create back-pressure. Back-pressure prevents the car from breathing out and decreasing the performance. Causing the automobile to retain and circling a burning emission smell, heating up and blown head gasket.
    Product information: Original Part
    Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensor- UpStream Sensor ($60.00-$100.00 USD plus tax) 1 year Warranty
    The Bosch O2 sensor is an original Subaru part which I purchased at my local O'Relly auto store. If there is no O'Relly near your area, other places where you can find this product is at Auto Zone, a Subaru dealership or Online.
    This is a "How To" by The Thumbs Up Production
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    Update: I had to re-upload this clip because Youtube stated that I did not have enough evident to proof own-ship of the video.
    --- Caption for YouTube: **This video is all made by me and I I own all Copyrights.**
    I was not paid to use any of the products in the video nor am I affiliated with them in any way. These are my own pictures and this video is made by my self.
    Happy Fixing!
    Thanks for Watching! -mH7fycoGZsc
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