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Panzer Elite Campaign #1 part1

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  • Description: My great project that is the Panzer Elite campaign has begun. As you can tell I am having to use alot of editing to make up for the poorer quality of the vanilla edit of the campaign.

    Anyways I may not be accurate on this description, but Kampfgruppe Lehr is a mish-mash fire brigade unit. Formed from various divisions that got destroyed after Normandy. You'll be seeing SS, Wehrmacht, and Luftwaffe ground units operating within this Kampfgruppe and given what it is its not surprising. We all know the SS did horrible things but the SS under my command I can assure you will not be committing any crimes. Least they better not :-P. My task is defeating the enemy not worry about politics or idealogies.

    In this first mission it can get quite hectic though its still mostly a training mission as most early missions are. The British will be attacking and dropping Paratroopers all over the place but the part where the medal comes into play will be when the Jeeps start showing up. You need plenty of AT squads with Panzershrecks (At least 3 squads with 2 schrecks minimum IMO) collected from the map to ensure that no Jeep escapes. Once you take out every single Jeep, the medal is yours.
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