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Paramore - Careful Bass Cover

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  • Description: Thanks to a tip off from Cbrucelee I found this song and as its fooking class I had to learn it instantly. So i figured it out and threw it up!

    Apparently this song is the instrumental version of the song Careful but until thats confirmed il keep it here as "new instrumental song". Its going to be on the Brand New eyes album with lyrics if what other people say is to be believed. This track was original performed by bassist Jeramy Davis.

    I put up these vids to improve my bass playing and as an educational tool for others so if your going to knock me down ratings, comment and tell me what im doing wrong.

    Bass - Music Man Sterling 4
    Amp - Ashdown Klystron 575(through an abm 1X15)
    Effects - None
    Recorded on - Sony Ericsson C905

    Copyright disclaimer
    The music in this video is copyright by Paramore, its used here for entertainment and educational purposes only.
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