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  • Description: "Let There Be More Light" is the first song on Pink Floyd's second album A Saucerful of Secrets. It was also released in edited form as the fourth U.S. single by the group. A rare US-only single release (Tower 440) contains edited mono versions of this song and 'Remember A Day'. The single did not chart. Pink Floyd performed the song live from 1968--1969, with it often acting as an encore.
    The song is written by Roger Waters. It begins with an iterative bass line before the vocals start. The first, gentler vocals are performed by Richard Wright with Roger Waters whispering, the following, harder refrain by David Gilmour. The last two minutes feature for the first time a guitar solo from Gilmour in a Pink Floyd album, featuring his distinctive style of playing single notes treated with effects such as distortion and echo.

    Lyrics :
    Far, far, far, far a-way, way
    People heard him say, say
    I will find a way, way
    There will come a day, day
    Something will return

    Then at last the mighty ship,
    Descending on a point of flame
    Made contact with the human race at Mildenhall

    Now, now, now
    Is the time, time, time
    To be be be aware

    Carter's father saw it there
    And knew the Rhull revealed to him
    The living soul of Hereward the wake

    Oh, my something in my eye eye
    Something in the sky sky
    Waiting there for me

    The outer lock rolled slowly back
    The servicemen were heard to sigh
    For there revealed in flowing robes
    Was Lucy in the sky

    Oh, oh did you ever know, know?
    Never ever will they
    I'll say

    Summoning his cosmic powers
    And glowing slightly from his toes
    His psychic emanations flood -yI_3nhAUmv8
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