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Pirates of the Caribbean [Main Theme] on guitar

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  • Description: I HAVEN'T GOT TABS, I played it by ear, so I won't answer to people who ask for tabs. sorry.

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    My cover of this song -He's a Pirate- on classical guitar. On this video i'm playing the lead guitar, but rhythm guitars and others (2nd, 3rd guitar..) are also recorded by me.

    NOTE: I have also uploaded an animated version (uhm.. i think it's better) that includes the rhythm guitar video.. check it if u want:

    Sorry but i don't have tabS =( i picked up the notes by ear..

    Thanks for your comments :) Hope you enjoy.


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    This is not fair play, but i have post a new song and nobody listen to it 'cause it's not famous (it's composed by me..). I'm not despaired yet haha, but if u want to watch it.. I write the link here below:

    and here it's another one :$ ..


    y la camiseta?? lo pongo a mano jaja

    NO TENGO TABS, la saqué de oído..

    He's a pirate, tema principal de Piratas del Caribe.
    En el vídeo toco la guitarra principal, de fondo (es un audio) suenan la rítmica y demás arreglos que también grabé yo antes de grabar el vídeo. He subido otra versión (en plan comic) en la que se ve la rítmica, por si a alguien le ayuda a la hora de sacar los acordes o algo. A mí me gusta más el plan comic..

    No tengo tablaturas!! La he sacado de oído, y ganas de hacerlas tampoco muchas... lo siento.

    Pirata!! Salud..
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