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Pitter Patter - Gray X Juvia

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  • Description: Hey all. This is my very first AMV! WEE! It's really my first time, so no hating please? :D Constructive criticism and niceness would be great, haha. :D

    Just some love about my second most favorite pairing in the world of Fairy Tail! Gray Fullbuster X Juvia Loxar. They're canon already, ain't they? :D

    Anyway, so, all rights reserved to their respective owners. DISCLAIMERS anyone?

    NOTE: I don't own FAIRY TAIL, Hiro Mashima does! If I did own it, Gray and Juvia would probably have 30 babies or more by now. Sigh.

    The wonderfully amazing song is called "Find A Way" by the wonderfully amazing band called "SafetySuit". Check them out.

    The wonderful gray background is called "Gray Flourish HD" which I found in its YT channel : churchmediavideos.

    Also, this vid is dedicated to my awesomest senpai, Abi Scarlet.
    SUBSCRIBE to her, 'mmkay?

    So, that's it. Ta-da. Comment, like?
    Don't like? Then shut up, click the back button, and don't go pressing anymore unnecessary buttons.

    Okay, bye.

    FYI, the wonderful and sexaay picture of Juvia in her net stockings and blue blouse-tie was colored none-other than the SS-class mage, Abi Scarlet. Link to her YT profile above. :D
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