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Planet X News - The Zetatalk Newsletter June 3, 2012

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  • Description: Nancy Lieder's web site is fantastic! She has years of predictions for your perusal and is not ashamed of many of them. She is not perfect and did make some mistakes, but her prediction record is nearly flawless and I've been reading them for years. This week was very good, so I thought I'd read it. It's about drones and Planet X. I was always not quite sure about Planet X, until this week and now, I'm sure that it's real. I just don't know when it is going to cause the days of darkness and the 300 mph winds that will kill almost everything. I know that all the planets are heating up and there has to be a reason for it. I know we are having a record number of volcanoes and earthquakes and there has to be a reason. I know that Al Gore is the world's greatest scientist, but I don't know why. Ha! Ha! I know that he is a fat fool and I know exactly why! He eats too much! Ha! Ha! Seriously though, Planet X is coming in and there are many who know it. Some have seen it and some watched it on the Hubble Space Telescope for decades, until the CIA pulled the plug. Now, we are in the final days and the underground bunkers are ready. I have my ticket! Did you get yours, yet? You didn't?!!?!? I wonder why! Maybe you said something bad about the government. Oh well. Enjoy the 300 mph winds. I hope someone's roof doesn't blow off and fly into your face. Have you ever been hit with a roof flying along at 300 mph? It could hurt. Maybe you should check your mail for your ticket to the underground city. It should be safe there. Why did you say bad things about government? That was really dumb, don't you think? Anyway, after this all blows over, it will be pretty nice on the surface with all the low class people gone. Only the beautiful people left, to reproduce. They will all be like Hilary Clinton and Obama, the Kenyan. Maybe they won't let you into the underground city, because you made $10 babysitting and you didn't report it to the IRS
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