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Point Blank Indonesia - DeathMatch & "Knife-only" gameplay

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  • Description: [my PC specs can be seen on the intro...]

    The intro that you see in this video (I made by myself) is now my official intro for my future gameplay videos. Videos that do not fall in the "gameplay" category will not have this intro. (e.g. random short video skits, even if it's a video game)

    Now, a little explanation about what this game is. Point Blank is the first Free-2-Play FPS game published by Korean publisher "NCsoft". Developed by Zepetto, it is also the first official FPS game launched in Indonesia. Currently, this game has been launched in 3 countries: South Korea, Thailand, and of course Indonesia. Plans to launch this game in North America is still unknown, as no launch date has been announced YET.

    If you reside outside of these 3 countries, you won't be able to play this game no matter which version you download - all incoming connections that come from neither of these 3 countries have been blocked to prevent heavy server lags and also because of an exclusive license that only allows people who reside in one of those countries can play.

    How to play it? Well, you just play it like how you would play other FPS games. This game's pretty much (in my opinion) a mix between Battlefield Heroes (for its MMORPG game mechanics), Call of Duty (the missions), and Counter-Strike (tactical FPS game). There are a few game modes that you can play in a server. The mode in this video is DeathMatch. As the mode says, you win by killing the opposing team; the first team to accumulate 100 kills, wins.

    The second-half of this video is the same mode, only you are only allowed to use knives. Smoke grenades are still allowed though (they cannot be disabled), but not explosive 'nades. After a match has ended, you can customize your character, your equipment, etc. like in an MMORPG. You can also purchase items/weapons/characters with the points that you got from killing, completing missions, etc etc. Though, like in BF:H, some items can only be bought with points that are purchased with real money. Don't worry, there are A LOT more items that you can buy with in-game points, compared to BF:H at least.

    As for the other modes, well, you'll just have to do your own research. Hey, YouTube is not the only site where you can get information from (that is, if you're watching educational videos, lol).
    Use teh Google - it ain't just for searching free downloads, you know. ;-P

    Well, that's about it. Enjoy the video! ^^

    Btw, gw org Indo. Keren ya Inggris gw? :-D
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