Download Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (Gamecube) - The Features + Jirachi event download (Proof shown) video

Download Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (Gamecube) - The Features + Jirachi event download (Proof shown) video on

Download Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (Gamecube) - The Features + Jirachi event download (Proof shown) streaming video in flv, mp4, avi formats direct easily on


Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (Gamecube) - The Features + Jirachi event d...

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  • Description: EDIT: Seems Windows Movie Maker broke the quality in this video, it was the only way to merge the files, as the other joiners broke the video, or there was no sound and the video was sped up. *Even though I DIDN'T speed it up.*
    Alright, so I got my Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc in the mail today from ebay for about $16, and now I am going to show you what you'll find in it.

    *Keep in mind that this disc is OLD, back in the days if you Pre-ordered Pokemon Colosseum, when the game comes out if I recall it comes with the Bonus Disc, however at the time I didn't know.*

    In the disc it shows previews of the "Jirachi Wish Maker" Movie, which has been out and I'm sure that's already on Youtube by now. *And perhaps met by copyrights or something, I don't know.*

    It then has the Pokemon Colosseum video game preview, which is already released, and people already have it and so, even myself I have it, and if I recall... I got it for Easter, forgot which year though... maybe in 2004-2005, I can't remember....

    Now for the Special Gift, which is a Jirachi that you can download to ONLY your Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Pokemon games, it will NOT work with Pokemon Emerald, Firered or Leafgreen, I tried as I own the games.

    I know that I met some technical difficulties when trying to download Jirachi, the first one was a Transmission error, which I have no idea how that happened since everything is connected, the 2nd error was that my Party was full in Sapphire. *Don't blame me, I haven't played Sapphire in a LONG time.* Finally, on the 3rd try I got it to work, then in order to show proof, I used my GBA Player, which is a add-on to the Gamecube so you can play your GBA games on the TV Screen.

    The first game was Sapphire in which the Jirachi's Nature is "Bashful", then I switched the game and put in Ruby and... what the... is my game dying now? *Resets* Ok, there we go, what? Save File corrupted? Ok... what just happened? Anyway... in Ruby the Jirachi's Nature is "Brave".

    1. You can only get 1 Jirachi per game pak, if you want to get another Jirachi, you'll HAVE to restart your GBA game then play it and save after you obtain the Pokedex, then you can download the Jirachi.

    2. You DON'T have to beat the GBA Pokemon games in order to download the Jirachi, reason is because in my Ruby version I recently started a new game in it, which was maybe a year ago or so, and it still let me download the Jirachi into the game.

    CORRECT me on any of the stuff listed on the IMPORTANT tab so I can correct it and such, if you have anything to add on about it, then leave a comment.

    *If this video is breaking ANY Copyrights mainly due to the preview movie, please let me know so I can take down the video and re-upload it without the movie preview.*

    PLEASE don't not ask for the Jirachi's, I'll decide whether or not I'll be trade them away, I'm trying to get one with a Modest Nature at least, and no, I want to get it myself, but thanks anyway.
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