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Prayers to the Angels of Prosperity and Abundance

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  • Description: This is the second video in the angel series I am making. In this video, I have put together effective prayers that you can use to invoke the Angels of Prosperity and Abundance. I got the prayers from an article by Karen Paolino. I did not feel the need to change the context of the prayers since using them as they are give me a sense of closeness to the angels.

    I have made it a point to allow the angels in my journey towards prosperity and abundance. They are helping me discover the wonders of the law of attraction. I had my first encounter with The Secret a year ago. Then I stumbled upon Bob Proctor and discovered the 11 Forgotten Laws of the universe. I am now learning the ropes of the Law of Attraction and manifesting prosperity and abundance with the angels.

    Learn more about Bob Proctor's 11 Forgotten Laws here:

    The Prayers to the Angels of Prosperity and Abundance

    1. Prayer to Raziel - He who manifests abundance and prosperity
    Archangel Raziel, you hold the wisdom and gifts of the universe, therefore you know exactly how to help me fulfil my wishes for increased abundance and prosperity. Teach me what I need to know about manifesting. Allow me to witness and receive the gifts of your divine magic so I may experience miracles in my everyday life.

    2. Prayer to Gadiel - He who releases negativity and provides direction
    Gadiel, Gadiel, Gadiel, please assist me in my life right now. Release me from any conscious or unconscious blocks I have about being abundant and prosperous. Help me know that I am worthy and deserving of the best. Give me the clarity I need and the direction to take so I may follow and walk the path that will lead me to abundance and prosperity.

    3. Prayer to Angel Barakiel - He who brings good fortune
    Barakiel, open my heart so I can receive the blessings and good fortune that await me. It's here and it's now and I am inviting these gifts of abundance into my life. Help me stay positive so I can be a magnet of attraction, drawing everything into my life so I can experience my heart's desires.

    4. Prayer to Angel Gamaliel - He who provides gifts and miracles
    Gamaliel, you are the gracious gift giver and I call upon you now. I am asking for your help in fulfilling the following desires (share your desires). I know you have the power to perform miracles and I believe in miracles. I am open to receive and I allow unexpected opportunities and gifts to show up in my life. Thank you, Gamaliel, for your graciousness.

    5. Prayer to Angel Pathiel - He who opens the gates of manifestation
    Pathiel, I surrender my wish list to you, knowing that you have the power to manifest abundance and prosperity. Please assist me in opening the gates of manifestation so everything can flow freely and easily into my life. I trust in you and that my prayers have already been answered.

    Communicate with the Angels of Prosperity and Abundance by praying. Let them help you in your journey towards prosperity and abundance. Hear the voice of Angels. Listen to your Angels and manifest abundance in your life.

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