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Princess Resurrection Episode 3 Part 1 English Sub Tagalog Dub

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  • Description: Princess Resurrection Episode 3
    "Princess Rampage"

    Riza, half-sister of the werewolf Lobo Wildman killed by Hime in the first episode, comes to claim her revenge. But she does not yet realize that she herself was used as a chess piece to make Lobo betray Hime.
    Weapon Used: Double Axe, Rapier.

    *New Character*
    Riza Wildman
    A half-breed girl who has a werewolf father, called Volg Wildman, and a human mother. She at first believes that her older brother was murdered by Hime, but later reconciles with Hime when she learns what really happened that night. In order to find who in the Royalty executed her brother, she stays with Hime. Being of mixed blood, Riza can only transform her arms up to her elbow and her physical combat capabilities can't compare to that of a pure breed, though she is many times stronger than a normal human. When she was brought into prison it is revealed that she is stronger than the highest ranking werewolf that was imprisoned there and she was able to kill a strong pureblood vampire despite not relying on the moons power, it is stated that being an experienced fighter gives her an advantage even over stronger enemies and her human blood may be what makes her able to learn more quickly than a full blood werewolf. Her mixed blood also gives her heightened senses of hearing and smell. She also becomes significantly stronger whenever there's a full moon. Riza appears to have feelings of companionship for Hiro. Much to her embarrassment she has "squishy" pads inside her paws, according to Hiro and one of his classmates. She and Reiri are natural enemies, and they don't get along until later on. From working together in the battle against Kiniski and getting used to each other's company, there is change for the better in their relationship. When she was helped by Reiri in the vampire kingdom she was temporarily turned into a Kinsmir, a hybrid of vampire and werewolf although this didn't appear to have any other effect than to mask her presence to the other vampires. It was revealed that Riza is a virgin in her conversation with Reiri. She particularly enjoys fast vehicles, much to Hiro's horror when he's dragged along, despite this they're on friendly terms with each other and Riza actually teases Hiro the least out of all the girls. Her Name has been spelled "Riza", "Liza" and "Lisa" although because of her western family name it can be assumed that Lisa is her real name and that other spellings are mistakes made because of translating the name back and forth. Because she is part of a honorable werewolf clan she dislikes using weapons, sneak attacks and insist on facing her enemies in a certain duell-like fashion, when fighting other werewolves she first states her full name and espects her opponent to do the same.
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