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PS22 Chorus "ONE AND ONLY" Adele

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    The best part of this profession is that after all these years going at this gig, I can still be thoroughly blown away like I was at yesterday's rehearsal! I'm still not even sure how this performance happened, but I'm thankful it did! Kevin is uncanny, Kiarah is sublime, Daniel-san is awesome (and hilarious) on the drums, and the chorus is PERFECT in this rendition of "One and Only" by the one and only Adele! Kiarah brought this song to me the day before with a beautiful a cappella rendition she will be singing at her aunt and uncle's wedding, and inspired this arrangement, of which I am most proud! The kids are approaching the end of the school year, but are certainly making the most out of the time they have left... RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!!
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