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Raimundo,Omi And Kimiko War

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  • Description: Story: Raimundo and Kimiko are best friends but Rai is in love with Kimiko but Kimiko is to clueless to realize it because she like Omi and when she told Omi, he said he liked her too but when Kimiko told Rai, he was mad and wanted to fight Omi for Kimiko heart and when he told Kimio he would always be there for her forever then that's how it's gonna be and Rai don't want Omi to take the place of him and Rai wonder if he know Kimiko and love Kimiko like Rai do and Rai wnder how can Omi compete with him and Rai will Fight for Kimiko and die for Kimiko and he wonder if Omi will do the same

    Omi and Rai ant backing down until one of them win but Rai will show Kimiko that he can beat Omi but Omi don't want to leave and Rai don;t want to go but Rai don't want to fight Omi but he will do it for Kimiko

    Rai know that Omi isn't the man Kimiko think he is because he is hiding alot from her so Rai wonder what is the point of fighting if we both end up with scars but Rai will go through with it if he can be with Kimiko after it is all over but Kimiko can't stand to see them both get hurt

    Rai is getting sick of the battle so he wish everything could go back to the way it was when they 3 was friends but he wonder if he should just let Omi have Kimiko but Rai try to convince Kimiko that Omi isn't the guy for her but Kimiko won't listen even after everything they both been through but Kimiko don't want this all to happen so she try to talk to Rai but he just pushed her away and continued fighting Omi but at the end Rai won the battle and told Kimiko he was in love with her but Kimiko was shock at first but thensmiled then Rai realize Omi was sad so Rai walked to Omi and asked if he was alright but Omi just smiled at Rai and said he was happy for them and Rai smiled and said Thanks
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