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Robin Guiton Sound Driven Animation

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  • Description: • First I set up a new composition in Adobe AfterEffects with the settings 720P 25FPS.
    • Then, I went to file - import - file - and chose Damn You Hollywood.mp3. I then dragged it to the timeline.
    • Next, I converted the audio to Keyframes (Right click -- Keyframe assistant -- convert audio to keyframes)
    • I then chose layer -- new -- solid layer and set it to "comp size" to fill the screen.
    • Then I chose Effect -- Generate Ramp and set the gradient to radial and to two shades of red.
    • I set the centre point of the radial gradient to the top-right corner of the stage.
    • I then added the effect "CCRipple". I used the pick whip to align the pulse of the splash to both speakers via the slider option on the audio keyframe layer. This gave the big splash effect when the trumpets played but also added some slight movement to the start of the video.
    • I then added the grain effect to the start by applying the effect "CCScatterize" over the first few frames. I adjusted the settings on this to include a partial twisting effect.
    • I then added the lens flare after that. I did this again through the effects menu. Again, I adjusted the settings until I got suitable movement and brightness over the few frames I had it on.
    • Next, I added the Audio Spectrum. Like before, I changed around the settings until I got suitable height, width and colour on the waves. I made sure to hide the waves in between each vocal part so it wouldn't continue when not needed.
    • Lastly, I added a Glow to the last frame before the trumpets play continuously. I set the glow to be white and to cover the whole stage.
    • I immediately followed the flash with a new black solid covering the stage.
    • I added the text and rendered the video.
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