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Romania, Explore the Carpathian garden - Nature

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  • Description: Romania is probably the last place in Europe where you can still see unspoiled countryside, with the traditional rural civilisation still alive. Discover the northern provinces of Maramures (in northern Transylvania) or else Bucovina (in northern Moldavia), with their old handicrafts, friendly people fiercely dressed in their folk costumes, horse or oxen-drawn carriages (horse-drawn sleighs in winter), with colourful villages where time seems to have stood still. You can be sure of forgetting all the stresses and strains of the western world.

    Unique is also Transylvania - "the Land across the woods" (also known as Siebenb├╝rgen in German), a vast province of Romania with its lovely medieval towns and fortresses at the foothill of the Carpathians, rich with precious Saxon heritage treasures...If you are a Dracula fan, you wouldn't want to miss Dracula's Castle in Bran, the Borgo Pass or his birthplace in the medieval "Upper Town" of Sighisoara - they're all in Transylvania.

    But Romania is much more than this: just think of the Black Sea coast, the wild and picturesque Carpathian Mountains where one goes hiking or skiing, the cultural, historical, architectural or archaeological tours of the country, but also the wine-tasting tours of Romania... :)

    Many guests also come to Romania for health purposes: a huge richness of mineral and thermal springs spread across the country, associated with many other natural factors, have made this land very famous for its spas and treatments.
    Wherever you go in Romania, there is another thing you will enjoy: tasty meals, large food portions, excellent wines and other local drinks.
    As most of visitors who discover Romania for the first time confess, Romania could be for you too well above the expectations...

    So, ... You Will LOVE Romania!
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