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Ronin Warriors - "Armor Of Life" Episode 14 (Dubbed in English)

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  • Description: The fourteenth episode to the Ronin Warriors animation series. For episode 11-20, click the link below for your desire. Click on HD for better video quality.

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    From Sage's Ronin Page:
    "Anubis is tortured by the nether spirits. The priests pour down fire. Absorbing the rage, Anubis boils and churns. In a deserted amusement park, Sage, Mia, Yuli, and Whiteblaze are attacked by demon soldiers. Ryo and Cye back them up, but they are all forced to retreat into the subway again where they meet up with Rowen and Kento. Anubis, spilling over with pure hatred, emerges from the darkness. Without his helmet, his human face sneers at the Ronin. The samurai armor up, but Kento is unable to call upon Hardrock. Deeply disturbed and depressed, he cannot summon his helm. Anubis thrashes the four armored soldiers, ignoring Kento. About to finish Ryo, he hesitates once more. Yuli and Whiteblaze attack, only to be backhanded away by the demon. As Yuli collapses, Kento realizes that he can't let this happen. He throws on his armor and attacks. Anubis stumbles, forces inside him battling. Talpa reaches down to pluck up the Warlord, but he Ancient intercedes, bringing the unconscious Anubis into his arms."

    Ronin Warriors was co-produced by ©Sunrise - Namco Bandai and ©Graz Entertainment, created by Hajime Yatate, and distributed by ©The Cookie Jar Group - Cinar.

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