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[RSMV] Numb - Linkin Park

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    "[RSMV] Numb - Linkin Park" was made by recordings of a game called RuneScape, and if you dislike RuneScape, then please don't watch this! I made this video for entertainment only, and I do not make profite of this video in any way! I hope you will enjoy the RSMV. Posting offensive comments will be removed and you will most likely get blocked.

    The story in the rsmv is about the main character, who has a friend. That friend has a skillcape, but the main character doesn't have one. The main character's friend wants the main character to be like him. The main character tries to be like him, but he realizes that it's not worth it. He doesn't want to be like him. He wants to live his own life, because he's sick of doing everything just like his friend, so he gives up, and lives like he wants to live.

    - Polish94
    Other Information

    It took me about 2 weeks to complete this rsmv, because I've been busy irl, and I did some other stuff in RS. The editing itself took much time too, because I worked really hard on this rsmv, and I think, that the result of the rsmv came out to be very good.

    This RSMV was edited with Sony Vegas 7.0.
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