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Russia crushes Georgia

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  • Description: It has been a few monthes now sense Georgia was crushed...
    its important to not that even though the USA prmoised to help Georgia in an event of this type ...uncle sam NEVER CAME! lol

    losses stand at this...

    Georgia lost: 12 warplanes, 3,144 soldiers, some 65~ tanks, 3 cities, 2 air bases, 1 military base, its entire Naval force, and LARGE chunks of its country.

    Russia lost: 2 Su-25s, and 19 soldiers (10 of which were peacekeepers attacked in their beds)


    i would like to point out that these losses are actually less than America took while attacking tiny Serbia...
    during that conflict very similar to this one the USA lost 1 F-16, 1 EA-6B Prowler, 2 F-117 "not-so-stealth bombers", 1 AH-64 "Crapache", and about 11 soldiers
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