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Scar x Nala - "Perfect Denial"

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  • Description: Scar: "No one ever means for this things to happen.."
    Nala: "What am I gonna do?"
    Scar: "You? I think you will find out sooner or later."

    About the Video:

    -Scar found Nala while she's crying about Simba's Death. He comforts her.
    -He take her home.
    -One Day the Hyenas come over and laugh about Scar's little "girly" , wich is walking next to him.
    -He say, that Nala will be one of the best hunter in the world. The Hyenas laugh about that.
    -Flashback: The hyenas reminds Nala about Simba, how they see some fight in front of them.
    -Nala and Scar go home.
    -Nala sleeps in Scars arms. (The paws of Sarafina should be his paws.)
    -She had a bad dream about Simba, how he could get killed by the Hyenas.

    Time: 2 Days
    Upload time: 3 Hours
    Program: Adobe Premier Elements 8
    Song: A beautiful Lie ( Acoustic )
    Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars

    Last words:
    This is a fail, i know. It's mixed out of boredom and testing. But I hope you like it anyway. If you have any questions about the Video PM me please. I will answer you all. ;) And I will not comment all comments from you. Sorry, sometimes I loose the overview.
    I hope you will like it, comment it and subscribe me.
    A big THANK YOU if you do. :)

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