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Scholar: Obama's Speech Will Affect China

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    President Barack Obama said in an important speech
    that US support the people in the Middle East and
    North Africa for freedom and democracy.
    Obama stressed that suppression of people's aspiration
    is no longer effective. China experts believe that
    US promoting democracy and freedom poses
    threat to the dictatorship in China.

    President Obama delivered an important speech
    on May 19 at the State Department, stressing that
    repression against the people's revolution has failed.

    Obama said, "For six months, we have witnessed
    an extraordinary change taking place in the Middle East
    and North Africa. Square by square, town by town,
    country by country, the people have risen up to demand
    their basic human rights."

    Obama believes that advances in technology allow
    people to see a wider world, and played a key role
    in the democratic process.

    Obama said, "Satellite television and the Internet provide
    a window into the wider world --- a world of astonishing
    progress in places like India and Indonesia and Brazil.
    Cell phones and social networks allow young people to
    connect and organize like never before. And so a new
    generation has emerged. And their voices tell us that
    change cannot be denied."

    Obama also said bin Laden was killed, and US will
    re-adjust its foreign policy.

    Dr. Zhang Tianliang, a professor in George Mason Univ.
    observed before bin Laden's death, US compromised
    to China in many aspects in order to fight terrorism,
    but now the U.S. changed its attitude.

    Dr. Zhang: "Secretary of State Clinton said in an
    interview that China's repression of democracy is trying
    to block history, which will not succeed. Now the Chinese
    Communist Party (CCP) just tries to maintain its power
    as long as possible.

    Dr. Zhang said Obama again publicly showed supports
    to worldwide democracy and freedom, and condemnation
    of the dictatorial regime, which is likely to be the future
    direction of the U.S. diplomatic priorities.

    Dr. Zhang said Obama adjusted diplomatic policies
    to promote harder the democracy and freedom,
    which is a threat to the CCP's dictatorship.

    The world is linked together in an information age,
    Jasmine Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa
    also spread to China. In the past six months, the CCP
    was terrified. Recently, many dissidents and activists
    were suddenly arrested. Guangxi writer Jing Chu said,
    it is hard for the Chinese people to hear Obama's speech.

    Jing Chu: "The CCP limits people's thinking this way.
    Superficially, information is circulated, but it is distorted
    and usurped by the CCP, even to the diametrical.
    Chinese nationals are subject to the false information
    for a long time and misguided without knowing it.

    Jing Chu said he hoped the U.S. government understand,
    keeping pressure on the CCP is helping Chinese people.

    Pu Fei, an IT engineer in China appreciates U.S. values,
    which he believes will enable the Chinese to know
    that human rights and democracy are global trends.

    Pu Fei: "U.S. strong support of human rights issues
    gave a hint to the Chinese regime. After the Sino-US
    human rights dialogue, the CCP released some human
    rights lawyers, a nice change brought by the U.S."

    Pu Fei said US concerns and pressure on human rights
    made some changes in Chinese regime, and will
    inevitably affect the Chinese people under the tyranny.

    NTD reporters Chang Chun, Song Feng and Li Ruolin

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