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Self Harm Video Project

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  • Description: Hey everyone who views this just like to preface this video by saying I made it for a class project. I understand you might not identify with all of the themes, my goal was to show the theme I chose...not to show all the reasons how or why someone may self-harm.
    To all the people who do struggle with this issue...I just want to say I'm sorry for your pain. I believe that there are SO MANY reasons for it...and I think each person has a story and that's SO important to remember. In my opinion, I think we should all talk about the things we deal with. So please, talk about it...find someone who will listen.
    Please message me if you need someone to talk to, i may not respond very quickly...but im down to listen.
    A video on self-harm featuring scenes from the film Thirteen and music by Between The Trees

    Between The Trees - "The Way She Feels" on the album 'The Story and The Song'
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