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'Serenity Actual' Pt 2: Tactical Revelations

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    The nuts and bolts of how the Nutnfancy "Armed Serenity 2009" shoot went. First we cover the safety briefs and rules in depth. The range conditions were several inches of snow on the ground and temps ranging from 32º to 20ºF. We then have the privilege of hearing many interesting tactical shooting concepts from instructor 'SadlyMissing:' muzzle control, trigger and common bolt manipulation (and drills), reloading ideas, shooting stances, sling considerations, and more. SadlyMissing has many years of teaching all types of agencies and individuals in these concepts. They shouldn't be construed as the official "Nutnfancy doctrine" and I differ in some of my techniques but they offer great insight and some options to the TNPr. The attendees were diverse in their backgrounds. I strived to have a variety of dudes in attendance, not just military and law enforcement guys. Their performance is probably pretty indicative of most guys as they ran the challenging courses. And as I always say, we're just dudes practicing our own tactical systems and showing you the process. Here in Part 2 I show some interesting drills prior to us getting serious on "The Scrambler" and then my RunNGun runs. Mistakes were made, as they ALWAYS are, but everyone got better. "GTFDude's" aftermarket mag release kept dropping the mag and it makes for some great hilarity in the vid. A variety of weapons and loadouts were represented during the day and after the instruction session and some drills, the shooting began. Lots of fun and more importantly, lessons were had by all (and now you too!). //////////////// Music from TNPr and talented artist "ElDudio" (in the
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