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SFxTK bnb/Combo Video

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  • Description: Thank you much for checking this out (in HD??).

    I wanted to gear this video towards helping players get some ideas on how to continue/end lengthy combos and to show some interesting setups with some of the SFxTK cast.

    I base most of these combos off switch cancels. On many of these, I do 2 or 3 switch cancels a pop. However, this isn't necessarily the most optimal approach if you're trying to score some big damage. This was done just to give you some ideas on how some characters can run/end a lengthy combo. If you're objective is damage, take into account damage deterioration and character specific scenarios. Sometimes keeping it simple can score you more damage, such as tagging a super art if you have meter or simply landing a heavy hitting ender. In some instances, you'll ultimately have to decide whether its worth spending meter on a switch cancel for an extra 5-10% damage in a lengthy combo...
    ... unless of course you're going for style ;)

    I hope this video helps inspire some combo creations of your own.
    ... if not, I hope this was at least a tad bit entertaining.

    Thank you for watching.

    Parade - Justice
    Royal Gregory - Holy F*ck
    Stylo - Smooth Jazz All Stars

    Sony Vegas 10

    Why the Jurassic Park skit?
    Because I know I'm not the only one who thought JP when they saw Rex and the SUV in the background.
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