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Shugo Chara; Suppose

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  • Description: Completely fanmade. I take no credit for the clips, music, or anything in this video that was made by other people, I am grateful that they allowed me to have access to it, and allowed me to upload this video.
    Story: Amu and Ikuto had been going out for a while, then Ikuto breaks up with her, and Amu spends every waking and sleeping minute from the reality of it all. Until one day they get caught in a rainstorm stuck with each other beneath the same tree, and Amu tries to run but slips and Ikuto catches her. At the same time Amu is having the nightmares of her and Ikuto breaking up she's remember every time he came over and kept her warm on cold nights. Soon enough they start going out again, but Ikuto is never around, and neither is Amu, so Ikuto starts picking fights with Tadase which upsets Amu, during the fight with Ikuto and Tadase all three of them are remembering times they shared with each other, eventually the Amu and Ikuto get back together, but Tadase had started liking Amu and went to her house to confess to her, only to find Ikuto and her had gotten back together and Ikuto had been staying the night with her. Tadase runs off and Amu gets mad at Ikuto and breaks up with him again, but while she's yelling at him their both remembering the time that Ikuto saved her from falling in the rain. After their fight Amu runs into Ikuto at the park, where she realizes she can't live without him but Ikuto walks off. Ikuto realizes he wants to make everything right with Amu but falls ill and needs help, so Yoru runs to find Amu, and Amu comes running to his aide, Ikuto apologizes for what happened between them and promises to catch every tear that she cries, but Tadase picks another fight with him upsetting Amu, and Ikuto wishes the fight would just disappear because it made Amu run off declaring that she hates him. But when Amu gets attacked by some X eggs Ikuto jumps in as Black Lynx and protects her, telling Yoru to shut up when he tells him to destroy the X eggs. Then it goes to them at the carnival saying all good things must come to an end, but they both know they will never be able to live without each other.
    Yeah I know pretty lame story, it's all I could come up with, and it goes along with the song. So don't judge it. Leave comments. Rate it. Enjoy it. Thanks for watching.
    Grey Clips- Memories/After Break Up(s).
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