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Smile, You MV - You Got Me

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    drama: Smile, You

    Video/sub credit: dramabeans, am-addiction, aja-aja, eps 14-18

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    I don't think I've ever smiled so much watching a drama! XD The title is just so fitting! So clever, scriptwriter Moon! This drama just gets better and better. Here I thought it won't be until later till they get together but lo and behold! EP17! and we still have 28 episodes more to go of SooIn! My wish of them getting married and having kids might just come true after all. squee! XD

    I thought this song just perfectly describes Hyun Soo (ignore the fact that every song I hear now reminds me of SooIn. i'm officially addicted. lol.) Well I see the line, "You Got Me" as having a double meaning: 1) figuratively, Jung In's love arrow shot Hyun Soo and fell in love with her. lol and 2) literally, she has him now and for always. lol. Excuse my cheesiness. It's crazy how I even analyzed the song to go along with SooIn (officially addicted, i tell you!). Oy vey. I become a meongcheongi (idiot) when it comes to SooIn. XD Ahh my face hurt from too much smiling! (n____n) Then those super long love stares from Hyun Soo, I would've melted if I were Jung In. :P Can they be anymore sweeter?! *spazz*

    I want a Hyun Soo for Christmas! XD
    I love how Hyun Soo embodies the typical Second lead persona but the best part, he is the main lead.

    It's funny how I could go on and on about SooIn but when it comes to writing my research papers, I get writer's block. lol. I bet all the Smilers are smiling like crazy! XD

    Smile, You, I LOVE YOU!~ *cue music* You definitely got me!~ XD

    Thanks everyone for watching and reading (and tolerating my spazziness!)

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)
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