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So Cold ~ Steve/Tony (slash!)

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  • Description: Fandom: The Avengers (Movie Verse)
    Ship: Tony/Steve, Steve/Tony, Stony, Super Husbands, IronCap, CapIron,
    Song: So Cold By Ben Cocks
    Disclaimer: I OWN ABSOLTLY NOTHING!!!!!!
    Notes: Hi! This is Cayla (Or Cay if you prefer) here, and this is my first ever Stony video! Super husbands is one of my OTP's and I just adore them!
    Tony and Steve simply just belong together, their love is legendary!
    This is my first time viding Tony and Steve and I think I did an okay job.
    Oh and this video is also dedicated to my SBFF (Stony Best Friend Forever and co owner of this channel) Nicole! :) I love you and I'm so glad we met because I have someone who understands me completely!
    Enjoy the video!
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