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Soul Calibur IV Gameplay 5/6

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  • Description: THIS IS NOT A SOUL CALIBUR V GAMEPLAY VIDEO! It's probably because I have the number 5 in the title so YouTube thinks this is Soul Calibur V. But by that same token, then all my other Soul Calibur videos should be listed under V as well. Whatever.

    Anyways, the last bit of my gameplay video for Soul Calibur IV.

    ***How this has become my most watched video is beyond me, especially since I'm pretty terrible at this game. For those of you who keep asking me to "get better at this game" or "Stop playing", why the heck are you watching this in the first place? Wouldn't you be watching those uber awesome combo videos or tournament play? Why watch a video on gameplay when you know how the game plays already? *sigh* I'm beating a dead horse...***
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