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Sounds of Halo (Flash! Bang! Remix)

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    XBOX Gamertag: FlashBangMusic

    I made this song using only in game sounds from Halo Reach, including some parts of the score for Reach and Halo 3. No synthesis or samples from elsewhere were used.

    The snare was made using a simple Beatdown, The bass frequencies were then removed to make more room for the kick drum and generally make the mix sound less muddy. In the Dubsteppy breakdown bits, the sound of drawing an energy sword was added to the snare to make it bigger and longer. Reverb was then added too.

    The lead synth on the drop is the first bass note of "One Final Effort" from the Halo 3 score. The note was put in a sampler and distorted heavily using Ohmicide and camel crusher plugins.

    For the build up, a brute spiker was sampled and looped. I couldn't find any YouTube videos on this.

    Any impact hits heard when a breakdown happens are a combination of the grav hammer and the sniper with a ton of reverb.

    I have attempted to use the video to show where the other sounds came from so watch closely or play some Halo!

    None of the videos are mine, they were all taken off YouTube, sorry if this annoys anyone. Thanks for making such awesome videos. I have a game capture device on the way so it won't happen again!

    Here is the video I took the red vs blue fighting clips from:
    He got the videos from Red Vs Blue Season 9 and made a montage I think...? So look up the Rooster Teeth channel and subscribe, they make some great stuff.

    BRING ON HALO 4!!!!!

    If any companies are looking for sound designers for games, films, apps or advertising then please contact me here:

    Thanks for listening!!!!
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