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Spacemunkeyz's Epic Fail Episode 5: The Wall (Nazi Zombies)

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  • Description: I like to explain the reason for this video so please take a moment and read this. Last night Jono would not drop this topic without blaming everyone but himself on why he died on this map. Basically, he somehow gets separated from the team and before I've seen the video myself he had about five reasons why he wasn't with us and somehow that led to us being at fault (or rather, primarily me).

    The first reason was he didn't know we had left, as if nobody made it clear to him. I told him Ramel and everybody was screaming it out, it was very clear that we were leaving the previous building to go to another one where the Mystery Box was. You had to have not been paying attention to our discussion therefore it would be your fault.

    He then says "Ya all just assumed I know where everything is at." and I told him, if you had been following the entire team when we all declared we had to leave you shouldn't have gotten lost.

    He then said, "Well I had to get ammo and nobody was listening". So wait a minute, he was out getting ammo at a time when everyone was clearly on the same page of running to the new location?

    Next to explained how he wasn't far from us so we should have went back to save him when he was incapped. He then added, "I've seen you a million times go back to save people but you won't save me" Apparently, I have a logo of a "S" on my shirt.

    Ok, so maybe there was only four reasons, I can't remember if there was another one, but I told him "all these excuses can't possibly be true, which one is the truth?" He said, "They're all true." So apparently all these actions took place: he wasn't informed that we were leaving, we assumed he knew how to get to where we needed to be, he was getting ammo, and I didn't rescue him.

    I'm going to spoil the ending for you...

    He DID hear that we had to jet, he DID follow us as we headed for the new location, he was NOT getting ammo, but he was right I did not go back and save him. The reason why he died was HE RAN INTO A WALL! And somehow, that's all it took to lose us even though I saw on the corner of my screen still following us.

    Now I know I screwed up when I activated the electricity at the end of round 14 and I will accept it and take responsibility. But running into a wall earns Jono the honor of receiving Spacemunkeyz's Epic Fail Episode 5. Now, I hope with this video he will quit blaming me and the others for his death.
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