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Starship Act 1 Part 2

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  • Description: Bug and Roach are off to the Over-Queen's slime pit to get their bug-jobs, but will all their bug-dreams come true or will they be squashed? Bug's intergalactic adventure continues!

    "Starship" DVD and Cast Album available now at
    "Starship" copyright 2011 StarKid Productions

    "I Wanna Be" Lyrics (by Darren Criss):

    The queen will surely see I'm not like anyone else
    She will take one look and know my rightful calling
    She'll understand that I just can't be living my life for the Hive
    And I can finally 
    Know what it's like to be alive

    I wanna be 
    Something that can serve the greater good of our race
    I'll do whatever I can to make our world a better place

    ... if only I could get to outer space!


    BuzzZzzzzzz, Buzzzz, Buzzz, Buzzzz

    I'm gonna be a starship ranger
    It doesn't matter at all where I'm from
    So look out starship rangers
    Cause here I am

    CHORUS OF BUGS: here I am...
    BUG: ...and here I come!

    Dirt eater!
    Exoskeleton Polisher! 
    I wanna build honeycombs!
    The Bug that ruins your picnic!
    .... A fly on the wall!

    ALL: it's what I WANNA BE!!!
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