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Stomach (Abdominal) Massage and self massage protocols

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    Whoever suffering from constipation as well as from accumulation of toxins can benefit from stomach massage. Chinese call this massage on stomach forever be young. I am performing hand after hand massage, hands flat on the stomach, on all areas of stomach, gradually increasing pressure. After seven to eight circular motions we place tips of the fingers around navel, applying pressure and in screw like manner we are massaging all areas of stomach. Circles will be of a greater radius than the ones made previously. Thus we will cover all areas of stomach. After we achieved the maximum radius we will now star gradually reduce it until we get to the initial position around navel thus continue effleurage.

    Then we will position hands so that they will place thumbs underneath the index fingers and in this manner, place hands on both sides of navel and initiate forward and back cross fiber movements, so that most of the stomach would get significant mobilization. Thus all fibers that are located in different direction are being affected. Then we try to stimulate the diaphragm muscles.

    The Medical Massage protocols were developed in the countries of the Former Soviet block countries. Development and testing of these methods were conducted by many scientific institutions, used for only elite Olympian athletes and were kept in strict secret. The reason for this secrecy was that during the time of the Cold War, Olympic Games and World championships were the only opportunity for West and East to meet and compare their lifestyles. Therefore frequent wins of athletes of the Soviet block countries were used by the Soviet propaganda as a proof of advantages of the Soviet political system and Soviet way of life compared to their Western counterparts.
    As mentioned earlier the primary utilization of Medical Massage was for maintaining longevity and injury prevention of Olympian athletes. The Medical Self Massage protocols were developed concurrently with the regular Medical Massage protocols and were used in a situation when the number of patients far exceeded the number of therapists. In such case a massage therapist supervised group self massage sessions. Because self massage were developed by the same scientists and were subject to extensive field tests and control group studies for the last forty years, they are nearly as effective as protocols executed by trained professional therapists.
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