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Sujal-Kashish scene #34

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  • Description: Kashish tries to explain everything to Piyush but before that, there is a call from the hospital that Piyush's father, Lalit Raheja, is not well. Kashish-Piyush rush to the hospital and there they are told that Lalit needs complete rest. Piyush decides to drop Kashish home. On the other hand, Sujal reaches the office to tell Piyush that Kashish is playing with his life. There he finds out that Kashish-Piyush have gone out. He decides to look for them. On the way back to Kashish's house, Sujal's car stops Piyush's car and he is in a drunken state. Sujal points a finger at Kashish's character and Piyush feels angry and grabs Sujal's collar. Sujal gets even angrier and says that Kashish has succeeded in separating the 2 friends. Piyush leaves with Kashish and Sujal-Kashish cry their hearts out. Kashish tells Piyush everything about her relationship with Sujal. She also gives Piyush her resignation letter and decides to go away from their lives and also breaks the engagement. Piyush is sad because he loves Kashish.
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