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Super Mario Bros. 3 NES - 2 Glitches

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  • Description: While I was playing through before recording my World 3 Tricks video, THIS happened with the vine!

    And when I tried to duplicate it while recording, something ELSE happened!

    This was played on an emulator (VirtuaNES). I have no idea if these glitches happen on consoles. I would assume the second glitch WOULD, because I was able to duplicate it many times. I'm not sure about the first glitch, though.

    *EDIT I've since found that this 2nd glitch is actually quite common in SMB3. It happens ANYTIME there's 2 items or objects growing on screen, or when certain items/objects are simply on screen. The first object will stop growing (growing items will disappear) to be replaced by the new item or object. (i.e. hitting two item blocks in succession will cause the 1st item to disappear. If it's a full-grown fire flower or mushroom, it will also disappear). And for my 1st glitch, I probably hit the fire flower block as the vine was still growing without realizing it, causing it stop growing as the fire flower was appearing.

    Be sure to check out my main SMB3 tricks vids..

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