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Super Mario World - Credits & Ending

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  • Description: With Bowser defeated and the Princess rescued, Mario (or Luigi), Peach, Yoshi, and the rescued Yoshi eggs make their way back to Yoshi's Island. You can see the scenery of each of the Worlds (in reverse order, of course) in the background. In the GBA version (Super Mario Advance 2), whichever Mario Brother defeated Bowser will be in the front, while the other will be in the back, behind the Yoshi eggs.

    I gotta say, the ending theme for Super Mario World is one of my favorite ending themes ever.

    Once everyone makes it back to Yoshi's House, the eggs hatch, and everyone celebrates.

    The enemies of Super Mario World are then shown. It's worth noting that some enemies in the game are absent here; whether that was accidental or not isn't really known. It's a bit of an odd oversight, though. Also, the ending here reflects the one that is shown after the Special World is completed, meaning the enemy changes (i.e., Mask Koopas, Jumping Pumpkin Plant) are present.

    Thanks to everyone who watched my Super Mario World playthrough. I know a lot of viewers started watching this after playing through the newest 2D Mario platformer, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. So if you liked what you saw, I highly recommend buying Super Mario World, as it's one of the best Mario games out there.
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