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sway: lois and clark

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  • Description: FINALLY! I've completed another vid...and geez did it take forever.

    This video is dedicated to Kat and Taylor. I know how much you guys love this song and wanted this to be done so I hope you guys enjoy it and aren't too disappointed with the results.

    I'm sorry I don't upload vids as often as I used to but I'm a lot more busier with real life. And its just too difficult to vid these two now...I end up watching entire scenes or episodes while cutting clips and wishing the show hadn't ended ;_____; But that doesn't mean I won't keep working on more vids! I have lots of ideas/songs I'd like to work on, and hopefully I'll be able to show them to you :)

    Anyway, thank you to all my subscribers for continuing to stick with me :D You guys are the best!
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