Download Syria Dictator Army Tank Crushes Cars, Attacks City of Baba Amr - Homs - 12-nov-11 video

Download Syria Dictator Army Tank Crushes Cars, Attacks City of Baba Amr - Homs - 12-nov-11 video on

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Syria Dictator Army Tank Crushes Cars, Attacks City of Baba Amr - Homs -...

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  • Description: Syria Army tank crushing cars and firing at the people of Baba Amr in Homs region on November 12, 2011 - It appears as though there may be some resistance on the part of the Homs residents as some of the tank crew appear to be in distress after the 2:30 minute mark. The Assad regime has not listened to any of the many international calls to stop the violence against the Syrian people and Syria Cities, and has instead continued to arrest, torture and kill hundreds of people in the last week alone
    -----------------Syria Now 13-11-2011

    The number of martyrs today has reached 23 martyrs so far, who were documented by names, 12 martyrs in Hama, 6 in Homs, 3 martyrs in Daraa, and a martyr in Deir Ezzor and in Kanaker

    A demonstration started in the Sabounieh area during a total electricity blackout in the Sharia and Sabounieh areas. Demonstrators were demanding the fall of the regime.

    Damascus Suburbs
    A campaign of raids and random arrests continuing from morning, identified of the detainees: Osama Al-Sheikh Yousef a student of the veterinary Medicine in Hama, and each of Moaayad Mohsen (22 years old) economics student, Rami Al-Refaee, Mohammas Allawy, and Mohammad Swaid, along with heavy security deployment, placement of barricades, and through inspection of the cars and people passing

    more than 4000 mourners in the funeral of martyr Abdulrahman Mansoor, chanted for the besieged cities and called to topple the regime

    a big demonstration in front of the Ghassaniyeh church in Almahatta neighborhood, meters away from the military intelligence division. They were chanting: Muslims and Christians, we all want freedom

    Tal Kalakh
    The Engineering Division of the Syrian army planted anti-personnel mines on the borders with Lebanon to prevent any displacement of the region

    Deir ezzor
    More than 10,000 people go out in the funeral of the young martyr Mohammad Molla Easa at Al-Madalgy roundabout, and the funeral became a demonstration chanting for

    Deir Ezzor
    the martyrdom of Mohammed Mulla Essa, 16 years old, and students in the tenth grade secondary, and downfall of several injured by the fire of the security forces when they fired on Almutafaweqin school students who tried to convert the march in support of the regime to a demonstration against it, and was arrested a number of them after an attack by security forces

    Massive presence of security forces and Shabiha in Daraa Mahatta alongside spreading of snipers on rooftops. The citizens are being forced to join a demonstration in support of the regime.

    Shooting live ammunition by security systems to disperse two demonstrations that started from the city's square and from the northern neighborhood to demand the toppling of the regime

    Martyrdom of Mohe Edden Al-Sarout (60 years old) he was shot directly from the barricade of Cairo street for being the uncle of Abdul Baset Al-Sarout: activist and goal keeper of Syria's National team for youth
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