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T. La Rock It's Time To Chill (Hiphop / Hip Hop / Rap)

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  • Description: T. La Rock It's Time To Chill (Hiphop / Hip Hop / Rap)

    Definitely one of my favourite Emcees!
    Just listen to this lyrical king and get a sense of where someone like LL Cool J got much of his style & ideas from all the way back in the 80s.
    Its time to give the man his props, dont ya think?

    Hip Hop pioneer T (Terry) La Rock started rappin with his crew the Undefeated Four (DJ/Emcee T La Rock, DJ/Emcee The Amazing Bombay, DJ Cooley Breeze plus DJ B-O Zonk) in 1974, the year that hip hop had its very first start, and he is an older brother of Special K (from the Treacherous Three) and Tony Tone (The Assassinator).
    Even with no record out he had already been a great influence on a lot of rappers from the early days of hip hop.
    In 1984 T La Rock recorded the hip hop classic Its Yours together with Jazzy Jay which was the very first production for Def Jam (Rick Rubin).
    After that many recordings would follow including such tracks as Hes Incredible, Back To Burn, Breakin Bells, Lyrical King (From The Boogie Down Bronx), This Beat Kicks, Runaway, Flow With The New Style, Housin With The Ts, etc. etc.
    T La Rock (co-) produced may of these recordings himself as well as working with top notch producers/dope beat creators DJ Louie Lou, Kurtis Mantronik (Mantronix) and Todd Terry.
    With his fresh lyrics T La Rock gave new direction to hip hop and was one of the original hip hop engineers that formed the bridge between the old and the new school of the 1980s.
    In the 2nd half of the 1980s his skills were picked up worldwide as the T La Rock Posse T La Rock, Greg Nice (Nice & Smooth), DMX and DJ Louie Lou- started touring Europe, leaving crowds amazed in a daze everywhere they performed.
    An unfortunate incident in 1994 led to an almost fatal head injury causing loss of memory and motorical skills.
    Doctors had to pump the blood in order to keep his brain from swelling and they give him only 20-30% chance of surviving.
    After years of recuperating T La Rock managed to work his way on top again and even has been performing in recent years, proving the audience that the magic is still there.
    Super Rapper T La Rock Forever!
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