Download Talat & Shamshad & Rafi - Chhod Babul Ka Ghar - Babul [1950] Happy & Sad Versions video

Download Talat & Shamshad & Rafi - Chhod Babul Ka Ghar - Babul [1950] Happy & Sad Versions video on

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Talat & Shamshad & Rafi - Chhod Babul Ka Ghar - Babul [1950] Happy & Sad...

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  • Description: The last part [from 4.38 onwards] was sung by Mohammed Rafi.
    That important [little known] information was provided by my dear friend RealMusicKing [
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    Babul (Hindi: बाबुल, Urdu: بابُل) or (Father's House) is a 1950 Bollywood film directed by S.U. Sunny produced and with music direction by Naushad.
    Lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni.

    The film stars Dilip Kumar, Nargis, Munawar Sultana, Amar, A. Shah, H. Pahadi and Vinodh.
    A box-office success, the film became the second highest earning film of 1950, earning an approximate gross of Rs. 1,25,00,000 and a nett gross of Rs. 70,00,000....

    Cinematography and soundtrack;

    The film takes a theatrical form, largely attributed to the set of the film and script. Cinematographer Fali Mistry contributes much to the film with atmospheric lighting, especially during night scenes and is able to create an essence of darkness in the hill top mansion which adds to an element of suspense.

    A soundtrack of fifteen songs, mostly about the joys and pains of love in the film is closely connected to the dialogue. The best known song in the film Chod babul ka ghar (literally meaning Now you must leave your fathers house), is performed when a newly-married girl departs from her maternal home and village. ......................

    Talat Mahmood (February 24, 1924 -- May 9, 1998) was a popular Indian playback singer and film actor. A recipient of Padma Bhushan he is famous for his ghazals, resulting in a title of "king of ghazals" bestowed upon him by fans and critics.
    Talat saab as he is now referred to, has often been described as a singer with a silky voice. His voice never suited loud songs, songs that demanded a high-pitched voice. Shouting or screaming didn't suit him and so he avoided those kinds of songs too. He only sang soft, romantic, lyrical, ghazals.Talat saab went for his vocal training under PT.S C R.BHATT in Bhatkhande music college lucknow....


    People who remember Talat describe his nature as a quiet one. He is often written and described as a decent man, as his voice reflected that decency and sense of calm. Music directors who worked with him claim that when one would listen to him, you would get the feeling that he's a soft-hearted man. As Naushad aptly reflects about Talat; "Because one's character reflects one's art too"....

    Talat performed at the world renowned Royal Albert Hall. Talat was the second Indian playback singer after Lata Mangeshkar to be invited to perform at this historical venue....

    Shamshad Begum (April 14, 1919) is an Indian singer who was one of the first playback singers in the Hindi film industry.

    Begum was born in Amritsar, Punjab. She was a big fan of K.L. Saigal and watched Devdas 14 times. She earned 15 rupees per song and was awarded 5000 on the completion of the contract on Jenaphone.

    Sometime back, a controversy erupted in the media, when several publications, gave the false news of her death, before it was clarified that the Shamshad Begum who died in 1998 was Saira Banu's (Dilip Kumar's wife) grandmother with the same name, and the legendary singer, has been living with her daughter Usha Ratra and son-in-law in Mumbai, ever since her husband, Ganpat Lal Batto died in 1955. Recently, she celebrated her 89th birthday at her elder sister's house and now she stays at Powai, Mumbai....

    Begum became a national rage between the 1940s and the late 1950s rendering songs with her nasal voice, which helped her carve her independent image--a voice different from her peers, Lata, Asha, Geeta, and Amirbai Karnataki.....
    [Wikipedia & IMDb]
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