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Tate Langdon (American Horror Story) - Understanding

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  • Description: A video exploring the dark character Tate from American Horror Story.

    The video contrasts his twisted side versus his vulnerable side and shows his story up to Episode 6 so far.

    The song is Understanding by Evanescence. I chose this song because I think the lyrics really suit Tate's character and his story-arc so far.
    INTRO :"You hold the answers deep within your own mind.
    Consciously, you've forgotten it.
    That's the way the human mind works.
    Whenever something is too unpleasant, to shameful for us
    to entertain, we reject it.
    We erase it from our memories.
    But the imprint is always there."

    The pain that grips you
    The fear that binds you
    Releases life in me

    Please don't be afraid
    When the darkness fades away
    The dawn will break the silence
    Screaming in our hearts
    My love for you still grows
    This I do for you
    Before I try to fight the truth my final time

    "You're not alone, honey."
    "Never... Never."

    Can't fight it all away
    It just won't fade away, No

    Can't wash it all away
    Can't wish it all away
    Can't cry it all away
    Can't scratch it all away

    "But the imprint is always there. Nothing is ever really forgotten."

    "God, please don't hate me"
    "Because I'll die if you do" (X5)
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