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Testing, Punishment, and Destruction

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    If the Hebrew Bible is viewed as a work of literature, and not as a historical narrative, then the import of its stories and moral allegories can be appreciated. Genesis is the first book of the Hebrew Bible, but was added later than the other books of the Pentateuch. This segment of lecture 6 deals with Yahweh's demand that Abraham sacrifice his only son, Isaac, and compares Abraham's compliance with his pleas on behalf of the people of Sodom. Nowhere in the Hebrew Bible is homosexuality associated with the destruction of Sodom -- that is a much later addition within two books of the Christian New Testament.

    No volcanoes have been active close to the Dead Sea in the biblical time frame.

    Close to Israel, only Mt. Avital, in the Golan Heights in Syria, might have been active within the last 10,000 years.

    Mt Ararat in Turkey erupted around 2450 BCE.

    Damavand in Iran erupted in about 5350 BCE.

    Volcanoes of South Aegean Volcanic Arch and Near East

    The Bibles Buried Secrets website:

    Who Wrote the Flood Story?

    Writers of the Bible:

    Archeological Evidence and Timeline:

    This is part of a series illustrating a Yale University course on the Hebrew Bible. The full course can be found here:

    Christine Hayes is Professor of Religious Studies in Classical Judaica. Before joining the Yale faculty in 1996, she was Assistant Professor of Hebrew Studies in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University for three years. A specialist in talmudic-midrashic studies, Hayes offers undergraduate courses on the literature and history of the biblical and talmudic periods (including Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and Introduction to Judaism).

    Diagrams illustrating the timeline and books of the HB/OT:

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