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that devilish flow || nolan ross (revenge)

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  • Description: Please,oh,please watch in HD!!'s been so long! I swear I have several vids in the works but I've been lacking extreme inspiration.Then during Thanksgiving holiday,I found Revenge.It's so campy and delicious.

    Best thing about Revenge though? Two words: NOLAN ROSS.He's hilarious and awesome.He's like an upgrade of everything I liked about Chuck Bass before the GG writers ruined him.He somehow has the ability to be both manipulative/evil/smarmy and also awkward/adorable!! I couldn't help but make a fun vid for him!

    I'm really hoping the writers don't ruin him because it's clear he's the best thing on the show! I can't help but be an Emily(Amanda)/Nolan shipper but I tried to keep this vid pretty neutral.He's totally going on my fav male characters list (along with Brian Kinney,Chuck Bass,James Cook,and Damon Salvatore)

    As for my vidding future,I have three Vampire Diaries vids that are 75% or more done:
    - Bloody Mary (Katherine)
    - Rolling in the Deep (AU Caroline/Elena)
    - Phantom Pt. II (TVD Cast Epic Episodes)

    Hopefully I can get them out in the next few months but I do vid less these days just because of my busier life!

    But....I'm still alive! BTW...clips credit: Lori (Hella Good)
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