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The Blessed Tree (Only Living Sahabi Rasool SAW)

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  • Description: Bahira the Monk (Christian) had lived for many years in this monastery worshipping God.
    One day, he was looking through his window, he saw the Caravan coming from the HIJAZ.
    The Caravan was approaching with its camels, people and merchandise settling around the tree.
    He noticed that there was one person in that caravan that always had cloud shading him, if he moved to east; cloud moved to east if he moved to west cloud moved to west, he was following him.
    And when that person arrived in monastery and sat beneath that Blessed tree cloud then passed the mission of shading this person to the tree.
    Bahira was anxious with this anticipation as he was watching the visitor's entering in the monastery.
    So when Prophet SAW entered in the monastery, Bahira was intensely moved.
    So Bahira started asking "Whose boy is this?"
    Abu Talib replied: "He is my son." Bahira asked again "Is he your son and you his father?"
    Abu Talib said "Yes. Bahira Said "The father of this boy cannot be alive."
    And Abu Talib was surprised and demanded to know how Bahira could have known this?
    Abu Talib told Bahira, that "He is my nephew. His father is passed away when his mother was pregnant with him."
    Bahira Replied "Take care of this boy and protect him from enemies," He is Prophet that will come at the end of time."
    This is the Blessed tree where Prophet Muhammad SAW sat under this tree (During childhood) and all this conversation happen.
    Coordinates for this tree are 32.066025° 37.147728° You can check on Google map.
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