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The Catalyst - Avatar MEP

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  • Description: HD is youre friend...

    Omg, this took so long but finally it's ready and here. 8DD Man i hate people who take part into MEP but they don't never do their parts. Thank you TheCinne and sailormoonlover218 for helping me do those three "extra" parts. With out you this MEP wouldn't be here today. Thank you again.

    And thank you all, who were part of this MEP. You all did awsome job and this MEP is just epic. 8DD Now i can relax, because this was last of my own MEPs, which wasn't ready untill now. ^^ Thank you so much gyus! I love you all. ;)

    Music: Linkin Park
    Song: The Catalyst
    Album: 1,000 suns

    Part 1: FrenchToastAwsome
    Part 2: AvatarAnimeFreak [didn't made in time] moved to Merezone
    Part 3: FrenchToastAwsome
    Part 4: lovelessx4eva
    Part 5: Checkmatey14
    Part 6: sailormoonluver218
    Part 7: MaeColdFire [didn't made in time] moved to The Cinne
    Part 8: Merezone
    Part 9: xXxZugoldragonxXx [didn't made in time] moved to sailormoonlover218
    Part 10: myviolettears
    Part 11: SnowyOwlFeather
    Part 12: AvatarTLAisawsome
    Part 13: TheCinne
    Part 14: lombaxkitti
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