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The Great Pinkie

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    I am just here to say that I am grateful for all the support this video has gain, especially with the fact that Baz Luhrmann himself is a fan of this video. Thank you guys for all the support and subscribe for more MLP Mashups! :)

    Featured on The Huffington Post!

    Featured on Hello Giggles

    A mashup between The Great Gatsby and My Little Pony.

    In this mashup I've added a few references from the novel into the video, so if you read the book, be on the look out.

    Pinkie Pie - Jay Gatsby
    Rainbow Dash - Nick Carraway
    Rarity - Daisy Buchanan
    Applejack - Tom Buchanan
    Twilight Sparkle - Jordan Baker
    Cherilee - Myrtle Wilson
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