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The Hinglish Project

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  • Description: Welcome to 'The Hinglish Project'. Through this unique font design, you can tell the phonetic sound of a Hindi character by looking at the corresponding Roman letter superimposed on it.
    Hindi is written in the Devanagri script, which has many more characters than the English alphabet. This font, then, cannot teach you how to read words as they are spelt in Hindi, but its aim is to demystify individual letters in its script and make India more approachable.
    Despite the superficial distinctiveness of English and Hindi, the two borrow from the same phonetic pool - they both belong to the Indo-European group of languages. This font design playfully highlights these commonalities. To quote a now-popular phrase, "We're same same, but different!"

    A DDB Mudra Group Project
    Chairman and CCO - Sonal Dabral
    COO - Pratap Bose
    ECD - Louella Rebello
    Concept -- Shirin Johari
    Art Direction, Design and Typography -- Shirin Johari
    Zonal Activation Manager - Amit Dubey
    Agency Producer - Michael Remedios
    Director / DOP/ Editor - Warren Pereira (W Films)
    Assistant - George D'souza
    Assistant - Melissa Kihneman
    Audio Post -- Todd-AO Los Angeles
    Website Developer -- Devyani Arya
    Website Coder -- Warren Frias
    VO - Manoj Shetty
    Still Photographer -- Prateeksh Mehra

    With Special Thanks to
    Anindita Ghose
    Hanif Kureshi
    Preeti Verma
    Aarefa Johari
    Sky Williams
    Diego Rao
    Ina Alice Kopp
    Mark Forbes Harley
    Gabriel Zencer
    Nicola Del Giudic
    Kate Peterson
    Mats Isenberg
    Helena Hjelmvik
    Meeti Shroff Shah
    Vedashree Khambete
    Divyan Kriplani
    Venkatagiri Rao
    Deepak Singh
    Ashish Pathak
    Chandana Bannikoppa
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